Day 20, plus updated goals

Ok, so yesterday was Day 20 in my challenge. I’m getting close to my initial goal of 30 days, and I plan to push myself another 30. Looking back over my work thus far, though, I have to say that I’m feeling a little… sheepish. I know I can do better work, I’m just not putting in enough effort each day to do something worthwhile. If I want to do a quick sketch now and then, fine, but most days I should be creating something that I’d be proud to show off.

I think that as I enter the next 30 day period, I should up my challenge to myself – to make more time for these things and go deeper, use more of the skills I’ve learned. That’s essentially what I’m doing this whole project for, to hone skills. So I have a few days to plan out what my new guidelines to myself will be, but I think it will prob be a challenge to increase the time and effort spent on these drawings each day. Maybe I’ll start small and increase the goals in each 30 day period. We’ll see. Baby steps.

Anyway, here is a quick sketch I did last night in a tiny sketchbook. One is a mug that was on the table, the other just a made up flower thing in my mind. Again, not really anything I’m proud of, but it’s something – and in the end, just accomplishing this whole quest is my ultimate goal!


4 responses to “Day 20, plus updated goals

  1. I’ve been feeling the same. I need to start trying harder but it’s difficult when you work all week. My idea is to sit down and actually make more effort on the weekends when it’s feasible. Pushing when your busy and tired will only lead to frustration. At least something is getting done daily. Likewise you said, baby steps.

  2. Like you said*

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