Day 27 – Space Shuttle Endeavor


Obviously the shuttle has been in the news lately, so it’s been on my mind. My dad lives in Cape Canaveral, and my cousin works at the space center there, plus I’ve just always loved anything to do with space exploration… so I have been pretty tuned in to these final few flights. 


3 responses to “Day 27 – Space Shuttle Endeavor

  1. Your life drawing was much better than mine, and mine was very good. I like the symetry of the space shuttle. Was that free hand? The dolphin had a beautiful smile like yours. Innocence.
    I love You!

  2. Nice shuttle… have you ever tried to create your own space ship in a drawing. That is something that I like to do…

    • Yeah! I did one somewhere in this challenge but it was just a quick sketch… I’d like to try to come up with something really cool and detailed at some point though.

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