Day 28 – Bird

I don’t actually know what kind of bird this is (any ornithologists out there?) but I wanted to draw a bird. No real reason… maybe because the Spring has begun. Although today it doesn’t feel like it. In any case, I looked up a photo online and used it to work from. I was very tired, so it is not *great* but I still spent more time on it than I had in the earlier sketches.

I am thinking that my new goal for the next 30-day period will be a 15 minute minimum. Obviously I’ll shoot for longer, but I feel like if I force myself to get into it for at least 15 minutes, that will make it easier to keep going because (hopefully) I will get absorbed in the details by then. I don’t know if 15 minutes is enough time to make that happen, I just picked it arbitrarily, so we’ll see. I will probably increase the minimum each month, as well.


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