Day 36 – A Microphone

One of the hardest parts of this daily challenge (and I’m sure my fellow 365ers would agree) is having to be creative every day. Normally, I would choose to do creative work only when I felt I was in an “inspired” mood – but this has forced me to come up with something whether in the mood or no.

I was thinking it might be slightly easier for those that have a theme, but then you would still have to find a fresh way to represent that theme each day, so maybe it would actually be harder? Maybe the 365 bloggers out there who have a themed approach can chime in on that one…

In any case, I think that this forced creative juicing might be one of the biggest benefits from the project as well. I would definitely like to build up my brainstorming skills. If I want to be a successful graphic designer, I will have to think of solutions in the moment, not just when I’m “in the mood.”

It’s frustrating, to be sure. But I also see the value in it. Or at least that’s what I will tell myself after I waste time struggling to find a subject, try to do it, not like it, and then start the whole process over (which is what happened last night)!



3 responses to “Day 36 – A Microphone

  1. I think this turned out well! I like your shading. I go through the same thing too, where I will dislike a drawing so much and not even want to post it. But that I’d part of the challenge. We can’t be in top of our game every day but we are at least trying!

  2. Thanks, Em! Yeah, I guess I have to accept the fact that it’s going to be up and down. But there’s always the next day to try again!

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