Fall 2011

I’m so excited for this upcoming Fall semester at MassArt! I have enrolled in these two classes: Foundations of Graphic Design (Tuesday nights) and Painting: Powers of Observation (Thursday nights).

The first class is part of my certificate program, usually taken alongside the Typography I class that I am taking right now. So, I had to find a second class, but I can’t jump ahead in the program. The adviser suggested this painting course – from what she said, the course is really popular, so I am quite psyched for it! She also told me that the Professor has a blog for that class, and she sent me the link: http://www.powersofobservation.com/. Also, check out some student work from the class this past spring here.

I have been quite busy with my Typography class, which I am still enjoying, but I will also enjoy having the whole month of August free! I was thinking of trying something new for that month, like Manga. Whatever I do, I definitely want to try to get back to one-post-a-day, even if just for that month. I’ve been seriously missing this blog, and I know I shouldn’t beat myself up about it but I’ve been kind of mad at myself for not being able to update it like I did when I started. I have a few other major changes on the horizon, so who knows what will happen but at least that is my goal for now.


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