My first few oil paintings

So, I don’t know how to title my posts anymore, because I’m not counting the days like I did before. Or should I? Hm… I’m not decided on this. Thoughts?

I finally have some work to share! Actually, I have two items. The first is the homework assignment we were given last week, and the second is the painting I did in class last night. Now, bear in mind that I have *never* painted with oil paints before, so they are very rudimentary.

The homework assignment was to only use black and white (and we had to learn to mix our own black) to capture a still life. I somewhat misunderstood her and I put a grey background down too, but she said she still liked it. Ok, so here it is:

Homework Assignment #1

The second one was done during class. First I had to create a “grisalle” – eight successive shades of grey. Then I used them to paint this:

Class Painting #1

If it’s not clear, it’s a face (styrofoam), a ball and a box, with another box behind it and the bottom of a cylinder (it’s a vase) on top of that. I wish I’d had more time to fuss with it because I’d just gotten into the “zone” and suddenly it was time to clean up. So it’s not really finished. But, to be honest, I’m pretty happy with it for my first try.

I have another painting assignment for this week that I am going to work on tomorrow, and I also have to do my homework assignment for my other class as well. I’ll post both when they are done!

(P.S. – I will most likely edit the photos in this post later on because I am particular like that, but I am tired and just wanted to get this out there, so it is what it is.)


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