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Oh my glob, you guys! Happy holidays!!!



Day 39 – Horse Chess Peice

Ok, so it was too overwhelming to try to go back and catch up on all of the days that I had missed – but I don’t want to lose my grip on this project completely. It means a lot to me and not doing it has felt like a loss. Even though I thought it was frustrating at times, I think I still looked forward to finding out what I was going to come out with every day, and all of the steps that it took to get there.

As I mentioned in my last few posts, I have had an issue I’ve been dealing with so I basically was too distracted to put my focus into extraneous things. This past weekend, though, I visited some close friends (including the fabulous Emily) and I finally felt inspired to start up again. I decided to skip what I’d missed and just start where I am now.  So, I did this piece over the weekend while visiting. I will continue to try to get back to a daily status, but I’m not going to beat myself up when I have other things to tend to. Que sera, sera.

Horse Chess Peice

Days 32, 33 & 34 (a turntable, a figure, and a face)

Hi! Due to a number of factors, I didn’t post yesterday, so today’s post includes the sketches from Friday night, last night and tonight! I was pretty tired Friday and yesterday, so they are pretty basic. For tonight’s, I tried to spend some time working with charcoal – so I worked on a portrait but looking at it now I can see some areas I should have worked on more. Unfortunately, I don’t have more time tonight, so I’ll just have to try again another night! Here they are:

Friday, Day 32 – A Turntable:

Saturday, Day 33 – A Figure:

Sunday, Day 34 – A Face:

Day 26 – Figure in Chair, Charcoal

Oops! I forgot to post my work from yesterday! This was the charcoal that I did at the end of my class – the last one of the course. I am going to try to make Saturday mornings my “charcoal” day each week, because I really love this medium.

Day 12

Today was my weekly class at MassArt, so my post is another charcoal study of the human figure. I tried a greyish paper and I’m not sure how I liked it.


Day 5

So on Saturdays I go into Boston to MassArt where I take a drawing class from 9-1. It’s been fantastic and I’m sad that the semester is ending soon. Anyway, todays sketch is actually a charcoal drawing that I did in class this morning. I feel that I am actually more comfortable with charcoal than with pencil, and I think I can actually get somewhere if I can just get myself to sit and work for 4 hour blocks of time. That’s really the hardest part of it, for me. Alright, so here’s the drawing for today: