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Day 16

I had to work on a project for my Photoshop class, which is due tomorrow, so I am just going to post it here for today’s “sketch”…

Basically it is a shot of the interior of the Ben & Jerry’s in Salem, MA, with a poster created and inserted by me. We had to come up with a point of sale item to “put” inside whatever location we chose, which was reflective of the locale, and then use Photoshop to make it look like it is in the establishment. I know, the poster would be backwards in “real life,” but it looked pretty bad so I just did it this way for the sake of legibility.

The point of sale item was sketched in Photoshop using my Wacom tablet.


Day 7

So Emily sent me a link to another blog that is doing this kind of 365 challange, and her theme is an owl a day. Cute! So I got owl’s stuck in my head and ended up doing one for tonight, lol. I was working on a lesson in Photoshop for my class earlier and it involved using different brushes, so I used my Wacom tablet to make this sketch. I am not really sure what an owl is supposed to look like, so please excuse me if he is all messed-up, I really was more focused on figuring out the brushes and blending.

Day 1

I had to do this project for a class, so I am going to count it as today’s sketch!

(I should also note that it is my first real sketch with my new Intuos 4 tablet. I will be posting a combination of pencil sketches and work done on my tablet!)

Edit: I just noticed that the pink and grey do not show up well on other monitors… sorry!