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Trying a Little Color

I guess most of these posts will be doubles. Again, I have my homework, as well as what I did in class tonight. I am kind of excited because I tried color for the first time!

My homework was still in grey tones, and my professor said she was drawn to it which made me happy! Here it is:

Greytone with Cloche Hat

And then here is what I did in class, which was really challenging and, at times, frustrating. But the professor sat down with me for a while and explained some things so I started getting into it by the end. I still have a lot to learn about mixing colors, but her advice was to just jump in and see what happens, and eventually you start to just know what you need to make a particular shade. The only down side is, oil paint is so expensive!!! So, it’s hard to just play with lots of it and waste any… but,that’s the way it goes.

Color with Fruit

And here is a little bit closer up:

Color with Fruit - Detail

Not as scary as I expected! =)


Oil Paintings – Part Deux

I have two again, one from class and one from home. I’ll show the one I did at home first, so it’s chronological. I have two photos – flash and no flash – because I couldn’t decide which to use. I don’t think either is right; one is too light and the other is too dark. But, regardless. here it is:

Teapot 1(with flash)

Teapot 2(no flash)

And here is what I did in Thursday’s class:

Cup and Head(The thing on the left is the back of that styrofoam head.)

The professor gave me some good feedback and she said I did well! I am not sure I’m ready to move on to adding color, so she said I could continue doing this for a little while longer if I wanted to. I just feel like I still need to get the hang of determining the values. So that’s probably what I will do for this week. We’ll see.

My first few oil paintings

So, I don’t know how to title my posts anymore, because I’m not counting the days like I did before. Or should I? Hm… I’m not decided on this. Thoughts?

I finally have some work to share! Actually, I have two items. The first is the homework assignment we were given last week, and the second is the painting I did in class last night. Now, bear in mind that I have *never* painted with oil paints before, so they are very rudimentary.

The homework assignment was to only use black and white (and we had to learn to mix our own black) to capture a still life. I somewhat misunderstood her and I put a grey background down too, but she said she still liked it. Ok, so here it is:

Homework Assignment #1

The second one was done during class. First I had to create a “grisalle” – eight successive shades of grey. Then I used them to paint this:

Class Painting #1

If it’s not clear, it’s a face (styrofoam), a ball and a box, with another box behind it and the bottom of a cylinder (it’s a vase) on top of that. I wish I’d had more time to fuss with it because I’d just gotten into the “zone” and suddenly it was time to clean up. So it’s not really finished. But, to be honest, I’m pretty happy with it for my first try.

I have another painting assignment for this week that I am going to work on tomorrow, and I also have to do my homework assignment for my other class as well. I’ll post both when they are done!

(P.S. – I will most likely edit the photos in this post later on because I am particular like that, but I am tired and just wanted to get this out there, so it is what it is.)

Day 41 – Sweeeeeet!!!

I know I haven’t really been updating, but I have been hard at work on art projects for my new MassArt program. That’s a good excuse, right? Lol. I am thinking that this will be the case until August, when I have some time off. I was thinking that I might try to get back to daily updates for the month of August. For now, though, here is my more recent project for my Typography I class:


We were asked to faithfully reproduce a word, in a particular font (with proper letter spacing – that’s hard), in a material that in some way relates in a unique way to the word. So I decided to do the word “SWEET” in coffee beans. Partly because coffee beans are not sweet, but bitter. And partly because not only do many of us use sweetener in coffee, but – as one of my classmates pointed out – when those of us who are addicted to coffee get our morning fix… it’s definitely a sweet moment, =)

I had some other ideas that I thought were better, but I had a limited amount of time (and money), so this was the fall back plan – but I think it worked out ok. Hopefully I’ll be able to utilize those ideas in the future for other projects, though.

Day 40 – A Book (literally)

In order to get jump-started back into this blog, now that my life is slightly less hectic, I decided that I would cheat a little bit and post something that isn’t technically a drawing. It’s actually a book that I had to create for my Typography class. I figured that I spent so many hours working on it that it deserved a place in here – and besides, working on it left little time (and creative energy) to work on other side drawings.

The assignment was to choose portions of characters (letters, numbers, punctuation, etc.), one from each of five typefaces that she gave to us. Then we created these 6″ x 6″ squares with those portions. Finally, we put them together in an aesthetically pleasing way to form what is called an accordion book. I then wrapped it nicely in tracing paper to keep it clean.

Book – Flat:Book - Flat

Book – Standing:Book - Standing

Book, Wrapped – Front:Book, Wrapped - Front

Book, Wrapped – Back:Book, Wrapped - Back

I wish the pictures were better quality, but it gives you an idea. It was a lot of work but it was pretty fun in some ways, too! I am proud of the finished product and that is always a good feeling.

For those of you that want to know what the characters are that I used, they are (from left to right): The “7” from Clarendon, the question mark from Centaur, the question mark from Futura, the upper case “Q” from Baskerville, and the upper case “N” from Didot. =)

Day 26 – Figure in Chair, Charcoal

Oops! I forgot to post my work from yesterday! This was the charcoal that I did at the end of my class – the last one of the course. I am going to try to make Saturday mornings my “charcoal” day each week, because I really love this medium.

Day 16

I had to work on a project for my Photoshop class, which is due tomorrow, so I am just going to post it here for today’s “sketch”…

Basically it is a shot of the interior of the Ben & Jerry’s in Salem, MA, with a poster created and inserted by me. We had to come up with a point of sale item to “put” inside whatever location we chose, which was reflective of the locale, and then use Photoshop to make it look like it is in the establishment. I know, the poster would be backwards in “real life,” but it looked pretty bad so I just did it this way for the sake of legibility.

The point of sale item was sketched in Photoshop using my Wacom tablet.

Day 12

Today was my weekly class at MassArt, so my post is another charcoal study of the human figure. I tried a greyish paper and I’m not sure how I liked it.


Day 5

So on Saturdays I go into Boston to MassArt where I take a drawing class from 9-1. It’s been fantastic and I’m sad that the semester is ending soon. Anyway, todays sketch is actually a charcoal drawing that I did in class this morning. I feel that I am actually more comfortable with charcoal than with pencil, and I think I can actually get somewhere if I can just get myself to sit and work for 4 hour blocks of time. That’s really the hardest part of it, for me. Alright, so here’s the drawing for today:


Day 4



Did you think Ms. ADD missed a day already? Never fear! I actually did a few sketches last night – but then I did forget to post, lol. I was supposed to sketch this figure of a baseball player that my professor gave me, so I did a few. I don’t know if I’m doing it the way she wants us to, but I am on my way into the city for my class right now, so I will find out shortly! I’m on the train, so please excuse the blurryness that might be in the photos.