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Trying a Little Color

I guess most of these posts will be doubles. Again, I have my homework, as well as what I did in class tonight. I am kind of excited because I tried color for the first time!

My homework was still in grey tones, and my professor said she was drawn to it which made me happy! Here it is:

Greytone with Cloche Hat

And then here is what I did in class, which was really challenging and, at times, frustrating. But the professor sat down with me for a while and explained some things so I started getting into it by the end. I still have a lot to learn about mixing colors, but her advice was to just jump in and see what happens, and eventually you start to just know what you need to make a particular shade. The only down side is, oil paint is so expensive!!! So, it’s hard to just play with lots of it and waste any… but,that’s the way it goes.

Color with Fruit

And here is a little bit closer up:

Color with Fruit - Detail

Not as scary as I expected! =)