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Hipster PDA Tips for People Obsessed With Productivity Pr0n But Bad At Actual Productivity (via Slow Burn Productions)

I just discovered, on 43 Folders, the amazing concept of the “Hipster PDA“. (I don’t believe the name is referring to the hipster subculture, but rather the size/portability of the item.) What is this craziness, you ask? Here is what the “Benefits” section has to say in the 43 Folders Wiki article:

“There are a number of benefits to a Hipster PDA over a digital PDA:

  • Cards can be arbitrarily resequenced, given away, and writing by hand is freeform and unrestricted
  • Card size encourages concise notes
  • Can be put into a pocket
  • Won’t run out of batteries
  • More durable: won’t be destroyed by water, coffee, dropping on floor, etc.
  • Cheaper: cents per card compared to hundreds of dollars…
  • Environmentally sound: Use recycled cards, recycle them when you’re done, keep batteries/worn out electronics out of landfills
  • Information doesn’t get lost in there; when something’s no longer relevant, you throw it away

The Hipster is also cheaper and smaller than the traditional planner, making it easier to carry and easier to keep stocked.

A Hipster even has geek value: when everyone whips out their digital PDA, watch what happens when you whip out your Hipster PDA…”

Hmm… Kind of intriguing. If you know me even fairly well, you know that I am quite a technophile, so you might be thinking “um, Kara, are you feeling ok?” I assure you, however, that despite my deep love and passion for gadgets, there is still a part of me that loves to do things the old-fashioned way. As I’ve mentioned before, I love journals and fancy pens! There is definitely a certain appeal to trying out this idea. So, I bought myself some index cards and I’m giving it a whirl.

I was poking around, trying to find some ideas for how to begin, and there are lots of great sites and resources. One in particular caught my attention, though, because a) it includes a list of most of the resources I’ve found already and b) the author made me laugh and, at points, think “hey! that’s me!” So I am re-blogging that post here, in case this has intrigued you at all. Be sure to let me know if you plan to try it out as well!

So, I went a little crazy with my Hipster PDA. I have 7, count ’em, 7 different types and sizes of index cards, and I’ve experimented with all the different mods, color combinations, templates and tricks you can imagine. Below is a list of Hipster PDA resources as well as a summary of what I’ve learned.  … Read More

via Slow Burn Productions

P.S. Here’s a sneak peek at the one I’ve got in the works so far: