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Grey Play

So last week I decided to try creating a portrait in marker from a photo of Sylvia Plath. I first went to draw it out in pencil… but then I kept going because I was enjoying it! It was done in about 1.5 hour, mostly during my lunch break at work with some detailing that evening. So here is the pencil only version:


After I finished it, I decided to give it a go with the markers, but I still really didn’t understand the way to shade with them yet. So here is my second attempt at using the markers, using only Black, and Cool Grey’s # 3, 5 and 7 (and colorless blender), completed in roughly 30-45 minutes:

My proportions were off because I was trying to set it up with the markers and not the pencil first. I had read that going over pencil with the markers would lock the graphite down and it would show through, but I have since figured out how to lift enough pencil to still see an outline but not be able to see it once the marker is added.

Next, I decided to try another still life from a photo, which was also a Christmas present for my partner’s mom and her boyfriend. I used the Cool Grey’s #3, #5, and #7 again, plus Neutral #2 for the background and the colorless blender:

I like how this one came out much better, since I am starting to get how the shading works! So it is becoming more and more fun, as I get used to the process. I have also ordered some more markers from oozak.com, so I am anxiously awaiting their arrival so I can start playing with more levels of shades.


Days 32, 33 & 34 (a turntable, a figure, and a face)

Hi! Due to a number of factors, I didn’t post yesterday, so today’s post includes the sketches from Friday night, last night and tonight! I was pretty tired Friday and yesterday, so they are pretty basic. For tonight’s, I tried to spend some time working with charcoal – so I worked on a portrait but looking at it now I can see some areas I should have worked on more. Unfortunately, I don’t have more time tonight, so I’ll just have to try again another night! Here they are:

Friday, Day 32 – A Turntable:

Saturday, Day 33 – A Figure:

Sunday, Day 34 – A Face:

Day 30! – Woman, Looking Over Her Shoulder

Wow, I made it to 30 days! My first challenge to myself is accomplished! =) I decided to try something harder last night, to celebrate reaching this goal. It’s a woman I found in a magazine ad, who was looking back over her shoulder at the camera. It was in black and white, so I was able to study the shadows and lighting pretty well. Her eyes are not even… I’m finding that to be one of the harder things for me. Also, it was more difficult to do this in pencil than charcoal, but I think it worked out ok. Here she is:


Now starts the next 30-day stretch, with the added goal of at least 15 minutes a day spent on each sketch. I am feeling pretty encouraged by getting this far and I really do look forward to the next phase!