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TWSBI Ink Bottle



I was feeling artsy the other day, and decided to play with my markers again. I wasn’t sure what to use as my model, but then my eyes rested on the TWSBI ink bottle that my partner got me for my 30th birthday (the metallic one, which is filled with black Noodler’s Bernanke Black ink). The way the light was playing off of the angles, which were filled with the deep black ink, looked really cool.

TWSBI Ink Bottle

I still struggle with the elliptical nature of circles at angles, so the top is a little off. However, I am very happy with how the metallic band and the clear glass at the bottom came out! I gave this as a present to my partner, who said he appreciated the irony of my giving him a gift of the gift he gave me. Ha!


Art Every Day Month

I had been thinking over the past few weeks that as I wrap up my applications for graduate school, I want to try to use the time I had been spending on that for something creative and relaxing. Then I saw a comment by my friend Drew, about an “Art Every Day Month” challenge for November – something akin to the NaNoWriMo concept. Knowing she was going to give it a try, and since I was already thinking of trying to focus on creativity this month, I decided I would join as well! I am not going to put any pressure on myself with this, though – it’s really just more for fun.

aedmlogored(click this button to go to the official site)

I just so happened to have already started working on some creative projects over the weekend, so I have a couple of items to bring myself up to speed (since it is already November 4th) . I don’t have anything for November 1st, so I will start with this ink drawing that I began on November 2nd:

The start of an ink drawing I am making of a Thoreau quote

 (drawn with my TWSBI Mini, using Noodler’s Bernanke Black ink, in a Moleskine sketchbook)

I know, I didn’t finish Thoreau’s name yet, haha – I wasn’t sure of the spelling at the time, so I decided to wait. Obviously I’ve looked it up since, so that should be all set whenever I next upload it’s progression. This is definitely still a work in progress – you will see some significant development before it is done!

I have some items for yesterday and today, too, but I don’t have photo’s taken yet so I am going to post them along with tomorrow’s update. If any of you are planning to also try out this challenge, let me know where your blog is so I can add it to my links!